How to Turn Chaos into Order in Healthcare by Putting IoT into Action

Session Abstract:

The healthcare environment is chaotic by its nature, which often leads to a compromised patient experience and staff burnout. There are many factors that impact this situation, from staffing shortages to budget constraints; however, what is also prevalent in healthcare is the lack of visibility into what is happening from the patient flow and resource capacity perspective. IoT solutions, including Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS), provide hospitals with a situational awareness of patient location and their status, and the availability of “resources” – clinical and ancillary staff, and medical equipment. As we say here, “You can handle the cards you are dealt, but you can’t win if you are blindfolded.” That’s why putting IoT into action can make a difference in creating order from chaos. During this session you will hear many examples of how IoT data is leveraged by healthcare organizations to make them more efficient, improve compliance, and provide the ultimate patient experience. Discussed use cases will include asset tracking and management, patient flow, environmental monitoring, staff duress, and more.We will also share how IoT solutions help with creating COVID-19 Safe Care, with innovative applications such as virtual waiting rooms, family messaging, and automated contact tracing. As experts in applying IoT technologies into the healthcare environment, we will also share specific requirements and best practices needed to make IoT solutions work in this unique environment.


As a leading expert in the use of IoT technologies in healthcare, Mark knows how to maximize technology to get results. His leadership skills don’t go unnoticed, either. He’s brought together a talented team of some of the country’s leading experts into one group at Infinite Leap. Like any great leader, he pulls from his experience and lessons learned over more than 20 years of success in software and solution development. His companies have always emphasized the importance of putting team and client needs first. It’s that focus on people and the human side of healthcare and technology that makes Infinite Leap stand out from the rest. His new venture is spinning off a product subsidiary, Prompt.Health, which develops fast-to-deploy, fast-to-value solutions that leverage the power of IoT.