Complete COVID-19 Cold Chain Solution for a Hospital

Session Abstract:

The pandemic has changed lives globally. In early April 2020, the US government initiated a public-private partnership to speed up the development of new vaccines, under the name OPERATION WARP SPEED. The goal of the program is to deliver millions of doses of safe and effective COVID-19 immunizations by January 2021.

These novel vaccines pose many challenges, especially to the US Drug supply chain. These vaccines must be maintained at a negative temperature, any deviation from that specification could render the vaccine useless.

Join us to learn how IoT devices play a crucial role throughout the drug supply chain. New enhancements to these IoT devices provide more than basic track and trace. These IoT devices will check and report ‘temperature excursions’ during the shipment and storage of these vaccines. Also how does IoT ensure the highest quality (through alerts and alarms).

We will show what hospitals need to deploy to maintain these vaccines, and what the benefits are for how IoT data protects the vaccine all the way to the patient.

Your key takeaways from this session include:

1. “Active Temperature Monitoring using IoT.” These COVID-19 vaccines need cold chain monitoring. How is this accomplished using IoT? What new advances in IoT support ‘temperature excursions?’ Why is this measurement critical to the Quality of vaccines?

2. Learn how IoT design changes enable the colder temperature measurement for these vaccines.

3. What will Hospitals need to do to maintain and track these vaccines? What are the key benefits to having such a design for your hospital?

To combat COVID-19 we need INNOVATION and COLLABORATION to meet the challenges in battling this virus. Join us to gain valuable insight into what will soon be the largest distribution of vaccines for our country.


Jim Sabogal, Senior Director for Healthcare and Life Sciences at T-Systems North America, Inc.
Dwight de Vera, SVP and General Manager of Healthcare at Inmar

Dwight de Vera is the SVP and General Manager of Healthcare at Inmar. He is previously the founder and CEO of RxTransparent which was acquired by Inmar in 2020. He obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Supply Chain and Information Systems from the Pennsylvania State University. Dwight is recognized as an expert in healthcare analytics and drug supply chain. He is the recipient of many healthcare and technology industry awards and his work has been featured in several industry publications. Dwight is frequently asked to represent the drug dispensing community at regulatory meetings and industry events specifically focused on drug data standards and the Drug Supply Chain Security Act or DSCSA.

Jim Sabogal is an experienced Executive with over 20 years in the Enterprise Software, Life Sciences, Healthcare, and Manufacturing industry. He leads the T-Systems North America Healthcare and Life Sciences vertical. He has been engaging with clients on DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION through numerous projects leveraging: Cloud, Big Data, and IoT. He has a background and experience in Clinical Development; Supply Chain Management; Manufacturing; CRM (Sales and Service); IoT; Big Data / Analytics; Cloud Computing; Blockchain, and Regulatory Standards. He is leading the effort for applying IoT for various businesses that use SAP, Oracle and Microsoft solutions.