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Welcome to IoT Practitioner.com®

Iot Content-logoIoT Practitioner.com is the latest innovation by the Internet of Things Community® – (IoT Community®) and is a dedicated destination for business users to procure IoT though leadership relative to their industry and technology needs. It is a Collaboration platform to engage industry verticals with IoT vendors, and Maximize the business potential of the IoT. (Core industries covered include: Automotive, Banking / Finance, Consumer, Education, Energy, Government, Healthcare, Hi-Tech, Insurance, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Media, Oil & Gas, Online, Pharma, Retail, Telecom, Utilities). IoT Practitioner.com™ is a single source destination for members of the Internet of Things Community to access exclusive, not-seen-anywhere-else, IoT use cases and thought leadership content (video, whitepapers, blog posting, community forum, etc.,) that is aligned to the customer business and industry needs.

For IT enterprises everywhere, IoT adoption means that subject matter experts (SME’s), whose core competencies have not traditionally included technology, are now able to develop and manage their own IT applications and processes. As such, the future of the IoT is all about business enablement and the freedom that organizations now have to integrate applications into the cloud and use the IoT to gain economies of scale that will enable them to respond to market conditions rapidly. Simply put, with the IoT, organizations can now do more, get more, and be more.

IoT Practitioner® primarily delivers:

  • Exclusive IoT content
  • IoT News
  • Independent and Vendor Neutral approach to IoT
  • A platform to exchange IoT thought leadership
  • Expert articles showcasing developments in and around the IoT
  • Exclusive Forum for knowledge transfer and exchange
  • Outlook on IoT industry by experts within their fields
  • IoT Strategies and Best Practices
  • Social connectivity amongst peers and counterparts in IoT space
  • IoT products / solutions showcase
  • Extension to IoT Community on Linkedin
  • No Sales/product pitched materials
  • Real-world IoT use cases and road-maps
  • Leadership and guidance
  • Advisory oriented approach to implementing IoT
  • Methodology consisting of elite and exclusive content

ROI Metrics For Partnership & Sponsorship

IoT Practitioner® will position corporate members and site sponsor’s brand in front of world’s leading Enterprise’s, Government’s and Business decision makers, who rely on the Internet of Things Community™, for the most cutting edge thought Strategy, Leadership, Advisory and Methodology (SLAM)™ in IoT.

  • IoT Practitioner® partners and sponsors receive highly targeted lead and demand generation.
  • IoT Practitioner® provides a platform to communicate the latest product developments & offerings to growing member base audience of senior-level executives from Global Fortune 1000 companies and public / government entities.
  • IoT Practitioner® is backed by the world’s largest exclusive IoT community on Linkedin which has 20,000+ senior level IoT professionals & practitioners.
  • IoT Practitioner® Content updates will be pushed through heavily subscribed Social Media channels including Twitter: @IoTChannel (Verified Handle) has 35,000+ followers
  • Our followers magnify our messaging on #IoT #InternetofThings channels collectively reaching over 1,000,000 Twitter users.


Q: Who is behind IoT Practitioner®? What’s your mission?

A: The IoT Practitioner® is operated by IoT Community® – Internet of Things Community® – a UK registered Organization. Our charter is to offer elite IoT industry insights to our members consisting of 20,000+ IoT Practitioners and growing every day – with the goal to transform the IoT industry by delivering knowledge into real actionable insights.

Q: When was IoT Practitioner® Conceived?

A: IoT Practitioner® is born on the results of over two years behind the scenes work by core members of the IoT Community™, who collectively have helped in preparing the framework, and the infrastructure, business model and ultimately executing on this vision. The official launch date will go down in history as June 21st, 2017 – and going forward which will be known in the IoT world as IoT Practitioner.com day.

Q: How does the IoT Practitioner® differ from other IoT content sites?

A: We are not just another IoT content aggregator, nor do we re-purpose content, all our IoT content is curated in-house, and all materials are exclusive to our site alone. You will never see recycled content as we believe that content is king. The IoT Community™ is at the center of an ecosystem that works on many levels across the IoT industry, allowing you to connect with the right people and meet with the companies that can help you accomplish your business goals.

Q: Why should I join the IoT Practitioner®?

A: The IoT Practitioner® platform connects you to the right people in the IoT industry to harness business, grow your network, and provides a springboard to your success in the IoT Space. Being a member provides an immensely valuable proposition including access to our Linkedin Group, access to our Virtual Conferences, In-person meetings and conferences, as well as our newly formed online IoT network – IoT Practitioner.com™ for peer-to-peer connections and information sharing, and exclusive IoT content.

Q: Who can become a member of the IoT Practitioner™?

A: If you help set strategy for IoT in your organization, IoT Practitioner™ membership is perfect for you. The IoT Practitioner™ is designed for IoT leaders, movers and shakers who want to keep on top of emerging technologies in IOT, network with other IOT leaders, and help set the agenda for the industry. If you are passionate about IoT, we invite you to join our community.

Q: What benefits does the IoT Practitioner® provide to its members?

A: We support the IoT strategy and business objectives of members by leveraging our knowledge, innovation, and being a center of gravity for the IoT ecosystem: Our objective is to deliver actionable insights to executives who are driving digital transformation through the implementation of IoT projects in their own organizations. Join us today and validate your IoT strategy.