Fairness Analysis and Bias Mitigation in a Responsible AI ecosystem driving AI Ethics in an AIoT environment

Session Abstract:

Fairness, Accountability, Transparency, Ethics are the levers of any IoT environment involving AI components, it can either pull them up or push them down in terms of acceptance by the society. These principles of Ethics need to be put into practice by leveraging on software frameworks which mathematically compute Fairness of the systems. The maturity of an IoT ecosystem with AI components is defined by the ability to identify the biases involved and mitigate them. This paper focuses on such metrics which are technically called as Disparate Impact, Equal Opportunity Difference, Statistical Parity Difference, Average Odds Difference and Theil Index. This paper explores the Bias mitigation framework exposed by IBM Fairness 360 which involve novel algorithms such as Adversarial Debiasing, Reject Option based classification, Optimized pre-processing. The enterprise adoption of these mechanisms to deliver products which are ethically sound is crucial to businesses cutting across technical domains especially in IoT ecosystems as the industry is moving towards AIoT environments.


Yashaswini Viswanath
Resident Researcher on Responsible AI at Business School of AI

I am Yashaswini Viswanath working as Resident Researcher at Business School of AI in the realm of Responsible AI. I come from a strong engineering background with around 10 years of experience in software industry. Numerous Intelligent Automations under by name has reduced man hours for my organisation Mindtree, that I have dedicatedly worked for. My tryst with AI started when I was an undergrad student 12 years ago and until now I love the idea of AIn applications touching people’s lives. At Business School of AI, I have been hosting WeeklyWed, an International Speaker series on AI and IoT. Also, as a Resident researcher I am working on multiple projects regarding Responsible AI which I think will make this world a better place for AI and humans to thrive together.

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End-User, Government, Enterprise, Small / Medium Enterprise, OEM

AI Ethics, Responsible AI, Fairness, Ethical AI, Explainable AI, xAI

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