Welcome to the Internet of Things Community!

The IoT is already driving a new era of innovation as data flows from sensors and devices located across the globe, creating an unprecedented influx of unstructured and structured data.

And the great news is that the Internet of Things Community (IoT Community) – the world’s largest group of CxOs and IoT professionals, announces Amazon Web Services (AWS), as a Corporate member of the IoT Community and a Platinum Partner for the inaugural IoT Slam Live Internet of Things conference; taking place June 21 – 22, 2017 at the Archie K Conference Centre, Raleigh, Durham, North Carolina – USA and broadcast globally online via the Cloud.

In my new book, Extreme Innovation, I focus on how the data from IoT and the analytics can drive innovation. As such, I will be blogging on a regular basis on: a/ How the enterprise is using IoT to grow their businesses b/ Women in IoT and c/Fashion IoT.

a/ Enterprise Growth Cases. According to IDC, global IoT spending will experience a compound annual growth rate of 15.6%, reaching $1.29 trillion in 2020. Most of that growth will occur in the Enterprise. I want to focus on use cases and the value of IoT with the next generational corporations.

b/ Women in IoT: There is a growing amount of evidence pointing to women’s leadership role in the domain of IoT data. Successful startups have twice as many women in senior positions than unsuccessful companies, according to a Dow Jones VentureSource analysis of 3000 venture-backed IoT companies.  The Dow Jones research also found that women-led startups use 40% less capital and are more likely to survive the transition from startup to an established company. A study titled “Breaking Through: Harnessing the Economic Potential of Women Entrepreneurs” found that women-led  businesses grew four times faster than male-owned businesses over a five-year span. To honor the achievements of women in the IoT field, I will write and celebrate their successes.

c/Fashion Tech with IoT. FashTech is the overarching category of all major relevant technologies applied to the fashion industry. Under this we have subcategories of retail tech, mobile gaming, virtual shopping, augmented events and smart fashion clothing and accessories. But all of these areas engage IoT sensors and outcomes but are combined with Fashion. Read about the top wows of wearables!

Stay tuned as we move into the IoT Era!