IoT Slam Live 2017 Keynote by Keith Gislason from Vertiv – IoT – It’s not about the data

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Keynote Abstract:

These are interesting times. We live in a hyperconnected world where we talk in terms of billions of networked devices, exabytes of data, headless cars, and advanced machine learning. We are on the cusp of a 4th industrial revolution, where cyber-physical systems will fundamentally change the way we work and live. As industry leaders and technologists, it’s easy to get excited about the technology driving IoT and Industry 4.0 – and we should be excited! Still, we need remember that technology is a means to end and that the ultimate goal is to solve customer problems.

As business and industry leaders, we must not lose focus on the fact that our organizations exist to serve our customers. To the average customer, this exciting technology is really just complicated plumbing. Users don’t really want the data; instead, they want what it can enable – to build better products faster, to provide improved services, to measure KPIs for their businesses, or just to use their drones to take selfies. What are we doing as an industry to ensure we are solving customer problems? As individual businesses, are we developing products and deployment models that answer real-world needs using IoT? Let’s talk about a customer-focused best practices approach to IoT development and what Vertiv is doing about it.


Keith Gislason is Director of Partner Enablement and Customer Care for Software at Vertiv. In this role, Keith is responsible for working across the company to ensure that our partners are enabled to be successful selling our products and our most critical customers are successfully meeting their software goals. He is working to ensure that partners and customers are set up to successfully employ the software solutions that wrap all Vertiv products in a seamless customer experience. Previously, Keith has held various roles where he was responsible for product and general management for data center software. Keith has 15 years of software and data center experience including leading the IT reorganization and construction of the award winning data centers for Emerson.

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