Unbundling the interface mess to enable scalable AI & IoT applications

IoT Slam 2020 Session: Unbundling the interface mess to enable scalable AI &; IoT applications

Session Abstract:

The number of IoT devices is skyrocketing and companies are evolving from creating transparency into their operations (remote monitoring and predictive analytics) towards their vision of autonomous operations.

But several challenges exist:
– AI models rely on homogenous data models
– Incoming data streams need to be interpreted, aligned, and transformed into the common models
– Data needs to flow between edge and cloud – across various cloud and IT system providers

Solving one of the biggest IoT challenges requires systems to be polyglot. We will highlight approaches from the automotive and manufacturing industry how fleet companies and factory operators are tackling the specific challenges in their world with horizontal software tools that empower their domain experts and citizen developers.

More examples around the specific use cases here:


Christian Umbach
christian@xapix.io at Xapix Inc

Christian is actively building the API integration and data exchange platform xapix.io with a global team to shape the future world of bits around us. Based in the US, he is a Masters Fellow in System Design and Management at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, MA and spent his last summer with UBER Technologies as a Developer Advocate in SF. He focuses on the intersection of information technology and digital management. At MIT, he worked as a Research Assistants for MIT Sloan’s Initiative on the Digital Economy on corporate innovation and led a team at MIT to build the next generation of digital transport products for Hyperloop Transport Technologies.

Prior to MIT, Christian co-created the Lufthansa Innovation Hub in Berlin where he focused on building partnerships and an API for Lufthansa Group. Positions held at LH include those of the Executive Assistant to the Board at Lufthansa Cargo for Finance & HR as well as to the CEO of LH Cargo. Together with fellow World Economic Forum Global Shapers, he has built up the NextB2BForum which strengthens the collaboration of corporations and startups where he focused on innovation & trends in the mobility sector.

Feel free to connect via https://www.linkedin.com/in/umbach/

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End-User, Enterprise, Small / Medium Enterprise, OEM

AI, Standards, Interoperability, Cloud, API, Event Streaming, Kafka

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