The surge in Adoption of Mobile Robots, the Aftermath, and Possible Solutions

Session Abstract:

Mobile robot adoption has been increasing over the last couple of years across a wide range of industries. Some of the top leaders in this adoption have been the warehouse and manufacturing facilities, from automotive plants to fulfillment centres.

As the robot fleet grows, the range of applications and tasks the robot performs is diversifying. No one manufacturer produces all types of robots and therefore the fleets are becoming heterogeneous.

The issue arises in the communication between the robots from different vendors, the ability to work collectively rather than individually, and the integration to the facility IoT.

Meili Robots would like to present:
– The downfalls that can happen if there is no system to collate the robots onto.
– The stagnation that can occur in the robot market if there is no cooperation between vendors & system developers.
– The complications that end-users will face if they are not prepared for diverse fleet adoption.


Aldus von der Burg
CEO & Founder of Meili Robots 

Aldus von der Burg is an automotive engineer who entered the robot/drone space in 2017. He aims to tackle new and important issues that are going to be more prevalent in the future. His time in the robot space has given him insights and ideas that can really help the supply chain and logistics sector increase operational efficiency and adopt new technologies with automation & robotics.

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