Panel: Leveraging IoT to Stop COVID at the Door



We are amid the greatest global pandemic. COVID has entered our world and we will never be the same. We understand to keep apart, wear masks, observe the slightest effect on our health to be able to discern as soon as possible did we catch COVD -or are we in fact fine.
The latest facts are the development of a much more contagious and deadly variant. The latest news doe does not clarify if the newest prescribed vaccine will be able to protect us, and the information around getting a vaccine is- there is not enough for all at this time.
The team at Alternate E Source chose IoT technology. We have been on the mission of Public Health and Safety and measures since the release of the SmartXcan. Web based and smart, this device far superior to a hand or tablet “checker “or “camera”. Stanford Medical has developed a standard for the measurement of elevated body temperature, and the SmartXcan is developed for that purpose.
Utilizing this “smart” accurate diagnostic tool, which is calibrated, and tuned in with AI for the best thermal detection, has provided to be clear protection in a time of confusion. Further we discuss the future implications of Remote Patient Healthcare and how the SmartXcan truly can stop COVID at the door.


Tanja Lewit – is founding member of PC&S Inc, a company that manufactures and Supplies Electrical Equipment for the Measurement and Control of Power. Tanja served as a Principal since 1992. Under her leadership the company has seen consistent, profitable and sustainable growth by specializing in Power Measurement and AC and DC Control Systems. PC&S has partnered with customers to design, develop, manufacture and distribute Instrumentation Solutions for industries including US Military, Power Generation Manufacturers, Industrial Equipment, Transit Systems and Data Center Infrastructure. In 2010 Tanja has taken her passion for new technology – forming Alternate E Source ; a company providing solutions to the Data Center space. Converged Infrastructure and DR solutions, Virtual Cloud and Physical Server management, Data Center Power Management. Introduced in Oct 2013 – new product release and formation Kentix US: Environmental Monitoring and Physical Security for IT Server Rooms and Equipment protection, IoT technology that reports with phone app, for increased security of physical environment, power, network and more.

Mr. Bret Martin is Alternate eSource’s Chief Solutions Officer. Creating first-of-a-kind turnkey solutions is his specialty. Detailed knowledge in IoT solutions from end-to-end ranging from; backend applications management, device provisioning, MNVO services to consumer product and UI design, manufacturing and logistics, ecosystem creation, consumer usability and EU licensing, are a few of the skill-sets that make Martin a unique asset for Alternate eSource. Previously, Mr. Martin was Senior Director of Business Development for Flex and concurrently held the position of Global IoT Client Executive, spearheading IoT program and sales efforts, leading a Joint Development Program between Flex and large OEM partner, developing product as well as a global ecosystem for healthcare/wellness marketplace. Mr. Martin was at Sun Microsystems across a 10-year period, holding a variety of management positions in business development and product marketing. He led the successful delivery of Sun’s first in-house designed, fault-tolerant computer. He also was the Keynote speaker in four cities in Asia launching Java. Mr. Martin holds a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics and Computer Science from Arcadia University. He is a frequent guest speaker and panelist at global industry trade events and a guest lecturer at Thomas Jefferson University-Kanbar College on Internet of Things.

Frank Ille is founder and CEO of HealthSaaS. His IT career has spanned over twenty years including co-founding three startups and senior positions with Microsoft and Oracle. Over the past twelve years, Mr. Ille has positioned the HealthSaaS CarePath portfolio as an industry leading technology for collaborative healthcare IoT solutions. HealthSaaS has applied this expertise to COVID-19 and offers AI backed Edge technologies to identify individuals with COVID and IoT wearable devices to monitor patients as they recover from the virus. Mr. Ille is also a cofounder and President of the Health Technology Collaborative (HTC). The HTC is an innovation hub and industrial lab designed to support health technology and IoT markets. The HTC Inventor Space is a lab-like atmosphere where digital health – IoT innovators, students, grad students, and entrepreneurs bring their ideas or prototypes to engage in iterative and collaborative development. The lab offers industry expertise, software tools, refinement capabilities, testing, and fast prototype turn-around which decreases the time between iterations, ensure compatibility with standards, allowing for cross-platform device checking, and graphical/human interface validation. Frank has also been an active member of the Technology Association of Oregon Digital Health Steering Committee and the Virginia Garcia School-Based Health Center Advisory Committee.

Dr. Steve Datena is the founder and CEO of AkeLex, Inc., a Portland Oregon based software company specializing in cloud-based medical AI and problem-based medical record solutions. Dr Datena practiced as a trauma surgeon educator for over twenty years at level one tertiary care centers including Oregon Health and Science University before pursuing a full time career in medical information technology.  Dr Datena is co-inventor of the Adaptive Knowledge Engine (p) which powers the AkeLex platform.

Dr. Catherine Grellet has practiced internal medicine for women in Los Gatos California since 1988. She did her undergraduate degree at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and her medical degree at Albany Medical College in New York. After completing her internal medicine residency at the Yale affiliate Danbury Hospital in Connecticut, she was appointed clinical instructor for Yale and Associate Director of Outpatient Services. An avid traveler, she has traveled to more than 100 countries as well as having done volunteer medical work in Kenya and the Amazon.