The Operations Scientist – Colliding Worlds of OT and Data Science

Session Abstract:

As enabling technologies of IoT, Edge and AI mature, we see dynamic inferencing taking the world by storm in the operational environments. This emerging demand for taking highly skilled computer science and mathematical domains and putting them in the business field means that both tools and people must shift to meet the challenges of the Operations Scientist. Join this keynote to hear how the emerging role of Operations Scientist is going beyond the day to day AI algorithms and is laser focused on generating business value. Finding rapid value from analytics and ai, being agnostic to the hardware and tools required to deliver and building physical and digital workflows are the strategic objectives for Operations Scientists across industries.


Aaron Allsbrook, ClearBlade Founder & CTO for industry leading IoT Edge Data Platform. The ClearBlade IoT Cloud, Enterprise and Edge Software provide out of the box Asset Tracking and Smart Monitoring; rapidly deployed, highly configurable and easily integrated into the enterprise. Early on, Aaron engineered software at IBM building scalable performant platforms for developers to design, develop, and execute modern workloads. As a practitioner, Aaron worked directly in the field with enterprises to enable cutting edge solutions while leveraging existing technical assets. Today he provides a depth of expertise necessary to understand the challenges, opportunities and transitions required for large enterprises to digitize and engage with the IoT.