Satellite IoT as a Force for Change

Session Abstract:

In an increasingly interconnected and complex world businesses are adopting digitalisation and Industry 4.0 technologies to increase efficiencies, improve safety and enhance sustainability. However; with only ten per cent of the world’s surface covered by terrestrial connectivity, satellite will play a key role in supporting global production and supply chains. In his talk, President of Inmarsat Enterprise, Mike Carter discusses the ways satellite is bringing IoT to remote places where some of the most valuable data points are found, and in the process helping the planet overcome some of its biggest challenges.


Mike Carter is President of Inmarsat Enterprise, leading a team focused on the provision of satellite connectivity and IoT business solutions to land-based businesses. Mike joined Inmarsat in 2016 as a consultant and was appointed President of Inmarsat Enterprise in 2020. Before working for Inmarsat he served in a variety of commercial roles and as a senior officer in the British Army’s Royal Engineers.