Security, Privacy and Trust in IoT Center of Excellence Panel

Session Abstract:

A panel discussion hosted by Dipto Chakravarty, Chairman of the IoT Community’s Security, Privacy and Trust in IoT Center of Excellence

In Healthcare: TRUST Equates to VALUE

This discussion will provide insights into how and why the emergence of a new dominant design of healthcare is accelerating in environments where trusted knowledge is used to enable business model reinvention. Dipto Chakravarty, (Amazon), Ted DellaVecchia (Symbotix), Kerry Shih (Ripl) collaborate to openly explore a thesis.

In healthcare where data challenges have contributed to consumer apathy, clinical practitioner burnout, and other challenges to a healthier society, it is evident that nascent use of digital expressions of knowledge are obstacles to significant advancements.
In broader industries where data security shortcomings have contributed to data leaks and insider threats, identity thefts and other challenges to a secure and safe society, it is evident that abuse of Trust are obstacles to progress.

As the IoT becomes a pervasive part of our connected society, permeating across smart-edge ecosystems, we must responsibly enable its adoption in not only healthcare delivery or validating patients but also all forms of clinical knowledge-to-consumer interactions. In the connected society, users are interacting with devices for authentication and authorization via swipes or replacing passwords. So, we are enforcing Trust in every layer of the technology stack. We suggest that a trusted, interoperable information sharing protocol becomes the pivot point to enable non-traditional modalities of healthcare and generating critical aspects of value for all.

Key Elements of the Thesis we will Explore Together:

  • Codependent Interrelationships between three dimensions of distributed data (IoT, Edge, etc.)
  • Confidential Computing, Privacy, and Secure Context
  • What is an interoperable information sharing trust protocol?
  • Trusted Execution Environments (TEE) and Zero Trust
  • Blockchain and distributed ledger


Dipto Chakravarty
Chair of IoT Community SPTIoTCoE (Security, Privacy & Tust Center of Excellence)

Dipto Chakravarty is the author of three best-selling books on computer architecture and cybersecurity from McGraw-Hill and Wiley that have been translated in five languages. He has 11 patents to his credit in security, AI and cloud, holds a B.S and M.S in Computer Science and Elec Engineering from U. of Maryland, GMP from Harvard Business School and EMBA from Wharton School, U. Penn. He is a member of IoT Community Advisory Board and the Chair of the Security, Trust and Privacy CoE, he is a board member at RANK Software, and CTO at Exostar. He previously served as the SVP and general manager at CA Technologies, and EVP of Products at J2 Global (formerly ThreatTrack), and earlier as the general manager for SaaS Cloud Security at HP (formerly Novell). Dipto has been an executive at four public companies (CA, IBM, NOVL, TRI) and four entrepreneurial startups to date with successful exits.

Navid Rezvani, VP of Engineering Effectiveness at Splunk, is a strategic thinker and dynamic problem solver with great listening skills who understands the business and customer needs. Create strong vision by establishing priorities, defining success criteria, and publishing metrics to provide transparency and sustain successful growth while acting as a customer advocate. Results oriented leader with senior management experience in operations, development, program management, Agile development processes, test engineering, and software/hardware quality assurance. Effective, enthusiastic, and strategic thought leader for global teams to build and deliver high value, high quality, and complex applications and cloud services that meet customer needs. Ability to organize, focus, motivate, think outside of the box, direct and build highly effective and diverse work groups. Focus on engineering team members’ strengths, and respect their diversity across North America, China, India, Europe, and Israel. Mentor team members and help teams understand the importance of their contribution and celebrate team successes.

Kerry Shih, is a serial product creator and have built 5 technology companies to date. Kerry’s wins and losses have taught him how to find what the market will care about in the context of a solution and not the other way around. Kerry’s product interests tend to be in Enterprise and IoT. Kerry has had a blast working with the ever impressive talent in Southern California and Los Angeles is where he calls home. History: SyncVoice, Servera, RiverBox, TrustedSky, Ripl Networks.

Ted DellaVecchia is Chief Executive Officer and Managing Partner of Symbotix, a management consulting group that inspires and leads IT-enabled business reinventions at large academic medical centers, national payers, health systems/alliances, and other influential organizations in the healthcare industry. Prior to Symbotix, Ted was Chief Healthcare Strategist at Red Hat where he laid the foundational building blocks of the open source, “LinuxForHealth” synergy initiative in conjunction with IBM Corporation. Earlier in his career, Ted led digitally-enabled industry pivots while establishing breakaway operating models at several Fortune 100 enterprises across multiple industries. Examples include: CIO at IBM Corporation, SVP/CIO of Starbucks Coffee Company, and SVP/ CIO and general manager of three Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance companies (WellPoint, CareFirst, and Capital BlueCross). Ted is the founding chairman of the Healthcare Industry Transformation Project (HITP). Established in 2010, the HITP is a digital-health innovation ecosystem of early-adopting healthcare organizations collaborating to design and execute digital transformation of the healthcare industry. He has served as sponsor and advisory board member of the Center for Information Systems Research at MIT Sloan School of Management, has performed as guest lecturer at MIT Sloan’s Industrial Liaison Program, and frequently speaks at industry events on the topic of accelerating/assimilating use of digital health solutions for symbiotic ecosystem interactions. Ted has also served on Boards of Directors for companies transcending successful Initial Public Offerings and those pioneering the use of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) methodologies in healthcare.

Tom Anderson, is an experienced entrepreneur and previously founded Novint Technologies, a robotics company that created the world’s first consumer 3D touch device. He was one of the earliest pioneers in the field of haptics (adding the sense of touch into computers/VR). He led fundraising of over $34 million, licensed tens of millions of dollars of game development, got national distribution, and took the company public. His Novint patents were sold to Facebook. He founded Devvio in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA.


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