Integrating Connected Worker Technologies to Drive Safety While Improving Efficiency

Session Abstract:

Enterprises have been presented with the complex challenge of improving employee efficiency while keeping the work environment safe. Whether it is enabling contract tracing within the work environment or deploying a full-scale Connected Worker solution, enterprises are evolving. Contact tracing serves an important role identifying at-risk employees in environments where reducing density is not an option. If a reduction or redistribution in the number of on-site employees is an option, then how do we deliver higher efficiency and safety? This is one of the areas where Connected Worker solutions can answer the bell. This presentation will discuss how CBT, a Domain Expert Integrator, is delivering solutions to meet these needs.

Speaker Biography:

Lonnie Ludwig brings 30 years of industry expertise to the CBT team as VP of Solution Services; leading a deeply talented group of pre-sales experts in the development of solutions within Industrial IoT, HPC and Analytics, Hybrid IT, and IT Supply Chain Optimization.CBT’s reputation as a premier domain expert integrator hinges on our ability to provide the best solutions in concert with best-of-breed partners, and Lonnie’s background includes hands-on experience in all aspects of the solution process. Lonnie has supported customers ranging from Fortune 50 corporations to federal agencies allowing him to combine a deep technical understanding of industry and CBT-developed solutions with the ability to speak the sales language. This cross-functional knowledge and leadership is an essential resource for CBT, our valued partners and, ultimately, our customers.


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