Securing the IoT: What’s the tradeoff between absolute security and great user experience

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Session Abstract

IoT Slam 2015 Virtual Internet of Things Conference bluetoothsigWith more smart products arriving every day, the benefits of connectivity are advancing, but so are security and privacy concerns. The Internet of Things is valued at more than a trillion dollars, and more and more brands are looking at strategies and opportunities to leverage this in their existing and upcoming products and services. Innovation isn’t slowing down, and it’s becoming increasingly important for developers and product manufactures to be more diligent than ever when building their next wearable, sensor-laden parking meter or home appliance.

In any scenario, developers must assess appropriate security requirements for the device based on the functionality and user experience desired. For example, the security needs of a pedometer would differ from those of a smart lock. Consumers buy a pedometer to monitor their steps; the advertising of step data may not be overly protected because personally identifiable information isn’t associated with it. However, with a smart lock, security is naturally more important and essential to device functionality.

The Bluetooth SIG works with more than 27,000 member companies ranging from startup to mid-size to well known, established brands in various verticals (smart home, consumer electronics, health and medical, sports and fitness, retail, industrial, automotive, and many more). Steve Hegenderfer works closely with the developers and companies bringing to market the next innovative, smart wearable, smart lock, or even smart toy for the kids. He will be able to discuss how to navigate balancing security and functionality, the role of consumer education and access to control, and the challenges, trends, and strategies to implementing security in this new area of technological advancement.


Miki Nguyen
Senior Product Manger at Bluetooth SIG

Miki Nguyen is a senior product manager at the Bluetooth SIG. In his role, he focuses on qualification and testing tools. He manages the suite of testing products and solutions including the Profile Tuning Suite (PTS), Test Plan Generator (TPG) and Bluetooth protocol tester (BITE). With years of experience in the cellular wireless industry, Miki has seen companies of all sizes and across all verticals look to bring value via their products and services to the consumer.

A veteran technology professional, Miki works closely with SIG member companies and its customers to better understand and bring to market products that deliver the convenience and trust consumers want in their lives. Miki’s previous experience includes his work at AT&T Wireless, Huawei Handset USA, along with numerous marketing, engineering, and product management positions at different software and hardware organizations. His experience in the wireless industry aligns with his personal passion to share inspirational stories. Miki was recently part of a 2015 Oscar nominated film “The Last Days in Vietnam” where he shares stories of courage, hope, and resiliency. In the end, it is simply about helping people connect to their hopes, dreams, and passion.

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