How Location Based Services Transform Healthcare Operations

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Session Abstract:

There is a lot of discussion across healthcare about Big Data. It’s certainly true that the insight gained by pattern identification and predictive modeling has enabled amazing advances in diagnostic and healing technologies. And yet, we still need caregivers to interrupt the delivery of care to write things down or type at a keyboard in order to capture time stamps and other data required to measure performance.

It is time to push ourselves and each other to insist on innovations in the design of end-to-end systems that take the collection and consumption of digital location and time stamp data into consideration, so that nearly all of the data we need is automatically collected. It is possible. It is happening in the real-time operations space. And, there is already a great deal of real-time location and condition-sensing data flowing through many health systems today, which makes getting started even easier.

What you’ll learn:
In this session you will learn the definition and importance of real-time operations in healthcare. You will get inspired by examples of significant improvements being achieved in efficiency, patient safety, and patient and staff satisfaction. You will become aware of the factors to consider, such as location sensing options, software applications available, and best paths for driving adoption across your health system.


Shane Waslaski
President and CEO at Intelligent InSites

Shane Waslaski is responsible for leading Intelligent InSites to achieve the vision of transforming healthcare with operational intelligence that improves care, enhances the human experience, and increases efficiency. Shane brings a proven leadership background in complex operations across the healthcare, manufacturing, infrastructure, and transportation industries. Most recently, Shane was President of Varistar, where he led a manufacturing and infrastructure business portfolio with 1,600 employees and revenues of more than $500M. Varistar is a management and holding subsidiary of Otter Tail Corporation (NASDAQ: OTTR). Prior to these roles, he held operational leadership positions in healthcare delivery organizations and consulted for a wide range of healthcare customers, including hospitals, clinics, and insurers.

Session Tags:

Applications and Platforms, Location based services, Asset Management, Clinical Operations, Patient Flow, RTLS, Operational Intelligence

CxO, VP / Director, Middle Management, Business Line Management, Operations

Intermediate, Beginner


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