The Internet of Health Things – New Opportunities for Patient and Healthcare Providers

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1000Session Abstract:

The Internet of Things is providing new opportunities to deliver healthcare services. These technologies can be used for remotely measuring medical conditions, monitoring patient status, and provide alerts to patients and providers. While individual pilot programs have shown promising opportunities, to optimally use these technologies, we will need an integrated people-centered approach to healthcare. This approach seeks to connect patients, families, and providers in a highly connected collaborative system. We seek not only an active role for the patient but also to strengthen all other members of the health team, including families. By promoting greater communication and collaboration for all stakeholders, it is possible to have better health outcomes, quality of life, and optimal return on investment in the health system. The talk will describe this new healthcare eco-systems where Internet of Things become the catalyst for data collection, communication, and collaboration. Opportunities for the use big data applications and the challenges in establishing people-centered e-health systems will be presented.


Yuri Quintana, PhD
Director, Global Health Informatics at Harvard Medical School

Yuri Quintana, Ph.D. is focused on developing innovative technologies that empower communities of professionals and consumers to collaborate on a worldwide basis. He is currently Director for Global Health Informatics in the Division of Clinical Informatics (DCI), Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Harvard Medical School. He is developing mhealth applications and global online collaboration networks for health. In collaboration with Boston Children’s Hospital, he recently built and launched , a global pediatric education and collaboration network. He is building an online global maternal healthcare network. With faculty members at DCI, he is part of federally funded research project called InfoSAGE to study online care coordination for elders. Previously he was at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, where he developed of international education and informatics programs in pediatric oncology. He led the development of Cure4Kids, an online pediatric cancer education and collaboration Website used by over thousands of health professionals worldwide; online systems used for international clinical trials; and Cure4Kids for Kids, a community outreach education program to educate children and communities about cancer and healthy living. Before coming to St. Jude, Quintana was a principal investigator in the Canadian HealNet Research Network, focusing on consumer health informatics. Formerly a faculty member at the University of Western Ontario, Quintana also served as director of the New Media Research Lab developing innovations in interactive media and online education. He has held high-tech positions at IBM Canada Limited and Watcom, as well as academic appointments at the University of Waterloo and the University of Victoria. He has been the chair of five international conferences on medical informatics. Quintana obtained his master’s and doctoral degrees in systems design engineering after earning an undergraduate degree in electrical engineering and computer science, all from the University of Waterloo. He is a member of AMIA, IEEE, AACE, and ASIS&T.

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Connected health, care coordination, mobile health, patient engagement, collaboration platforms

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