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Session Abstract:

The emerging IoT use cases such as Mobility as a Service introduces new decision-making challenges that cannot be adequately addressed by the centralized cloud Analytics architecture, such as demanding low latency, high volume data capacity constraints, sustained high availability services needs and enhanced security. A advanced distributed analytics paradigm that breaks through the centralized architecture and alleviates the capacity and latency constraints is now required to cope with these challenges.

This presentation will look into the emerging 5G mobile edge computing architecture to answer how the huge volume of IOT data can be subsequently analyzed to determine actions on the event flows or to extract analytics for rapid decision making. The presentation will also explore the role of centralized analytics architecture for machine learning, model training and delegating the trained models for edge decision making.


Ashish Singh
Director IOT Product Management at Teradata Inc

From startup ventures to some Fortune 500 technology companies, Ashish’s background spans over 20 years in the M2M/IoT, Cloud computing, Big Data industries in a wide variety of Product Management and Marketing & Strategy leadership roles. He has led multiple product management and go to market efforts to introduce cutting edge Cloud, Big Data, “As a service” solutions in the US and global markets catering specifically to IIOT, Smart Cities, Smart Grid, ITS and Service Provider segments. His areas of interest are focused on building products leveraging new software architectures and restructuring the current business models to enable the enterprises to transition to a IOT enabled connected enterprise and develop new revenue models for their end consumers. As a clear strategic thinker, he has an excellent track record of launching products from concept to launch and is experienced in thinking and executing global go-to market strategies.
Ashish holds a BS in Computer Engineering and an MBA in Marketing & Strategy from Ohio State University. As a prominent industry executive, he shares his experience and insights through speaking engagements at multiple Big Data, IoT, AI, Cloud Computing conferences and as needed with various regulatory and standardization bodies.

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