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Session Abstract:

Imagine you arrive at work in the ER and find the waiting room full of grumbling patients who insist they have been waiting forever. As an administrator, you find out if there are delays and what are the causes?

You are the CIO of a young, innovative company that provides custom implants to surgeons. Your competition is doing the same thing. How can you gain an edge to ensure you are the go-to custom implant company and add more value than the competition?

Your medical device is IoT enabled, patients love your product and sales are growing. As the Chief Digital Officer, you must find a new way to add massive value to provide your customers and their physician insight into their health trends. What if you could allow patients and doctors to quickly and easily get the answers to their own questions on the spot without requesting reports and dashboards.

Come learn how you can take advantage of cognitive and real-time analytics to get the most value from the data you are already collecting and tailor your data capture methods to add even more value to your solutions to ensure you continue to save lives and improve patient outcomes.


Phillip Simulis 
Founder and CEO of Simtelligent,

Phillip Simulis is the founder and CEO of Simtelligent, which provides technology solutions, management and training for clients ranging from non-profits to large corporations. Phillip has more than 13 years of experience designing innovative solutions in health insurance, medical, research and development, federal, financial and commissary industries. He is known as an early adopter who integrates new technology solutions into existing environments and trains teams on how to best use the new technology in their environment. Phillip’s track record of managing projects while thoroughly understanding the underlying technology has provided opportunities where companies are cutting back resources yet need to deliver solid, scalable solutions in a timely manner. His ability to think outside the box has solved technical challenges when his clients have had no viable options. Phillip currently volunteers with the PMIWDC New Member Welcome Committee and Project Management Day of Service (PMDoS) 2016.

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