IoT Masterclass: How IoT is Raising the Human Condition: Applications From Education to Experience


In the future, IoT and IIoT will touch every endeavor and every aspect of human existence and interaction. In this masterclass, CBT Chief Technologist, Charlie Stack will look at the implications of IoT and IIoT on the human condition in two key areas: education and quantum computing


Imparting education is the most critical activity for any progressive society. Therefore, it makes sense to use the latest technological advancements to make learning immersive, effective, and fun for the students. IoT in education is poised to be a game-changer because more and more educational institutions are using connected smart devices to support the already available e-learning and smartboard infrastructure. Here are some of the areas Charlie will cover where IoT can be used to augment education:

· Smart automated student tracking

· Personalized learning

· IoT-enabled smart boards and new-generation textbooks

· AI-powered research

· Special-needs programs

· Enhanced security for learning spaces

· Smart/connected classrooms

· Task-based learning

Quantum Computing:

Another fascinating area in the future of IoT is quantum computing. While this technology is still in its development stage, quantum computing has the potential to help address the challenges and issues that hamper the growth of IoT. Handling large amount of data, performing computations much faster than traditional computing platforms, and solving problems in relation to cybersecurity are just some of the things a powerful quantum computer can do. In this session, Charlie will explore three aspects of quantum computing:

· Combining quantum computing and IoT

· Optimized complex computation power

· Secure communications

Presenter Bio:

Charlie Stack is CBT’s Chief Technologist (CT) for Operational Technology bringing years of experience in operational roles across many industries. Some of his previous experience includes Plant Manager, Engineering Manager, Operations Manager, Maintenance Manager, Operations Shift Supervisor, Engineer, Adjunct Professor, Operator, Maintenance Technician, and Water Chemist. Charlie’s extensive knowledge goes deep within Process Optimization, Engineering, Operations, Risk, Logistics, PSM, MI, and Six Sigma. Charlie considers his role as CT at CBT to be more of a leader, listener and coach. A fun fact about Charlie: his most cherished job experience was teaching elementary school to first and second grade blind and deaf children!