IoT MasterClass – Edge Analytics: Leveraging computer vision, sound wave recognition, data streaming, machine learning, and AI to identify anomalies in real time.

Course Overview:

Edge Analytics continues to gain traction for addressing a wide range of use cases in several verticals. Among the most common are fast anomaly detection and error classification enabling immediate action on a particular problem.

Join us for this session on how to maximize the value of real-time edge analytics using technologies such as sound wave recognition, data streaming, machine learning, and AI. We will show how we can train and execute an AI model that mimics an expert human who can identify device issues by listening to the sound of an operating machine. We will cover, in detail, how TIBCO technology with the power of open source projects can deliver end-to-end edge analytics solutions.

You will learn:

  1. How to use Project AIR from TIBCO LABS as an edge analytics platform
  2. How to incorporate sound wave analysis at the edge for real-time anomaly detection
  3. How to use Project AIR to deploy and manage machine learning models at the edge for real time analytics

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Ahmad Fattahi, Director of Data Science, OOCAO, TIBCO Software Inc.
Marcelo Gallardo, Senior Solution Architect – OOCTO, TIBCO Software Inc.
Atheer Alattar, Lead Data Scientist, OOCAO, TIBCO Software Inc.

Presenter Bios:

Ahmad Fattahi – As a director of data science in the Office of the Chief Analytics Officer at TIBCO, Ahmad and his team focus on solving customers’ real world business problems. To turn those problems into opportunities, they use various statistical, mathematical, and engineering techniques that lead to business value. His team also works to build a community of machine learning professionals interested in continuously innovating within Manufacturing, IoT, and Energy. He brings 15 years of industry experience as a manager of data, AI services, and other technologies for Cisco and OSIsoft. He holds a PhD in electrical engineering from University of California, Los Angeles.



Marcelo Gallardo is a senior solution architect at TIBCO Software. Joining TIBCO in 1999 as a professional services consultant, he worked on a wide variety of projects using many products in TIBCO stack. He is currently working on TIBCO LABS projects in event processing and the IOT. Marcelo holds a Bachelor’s in Computer Science from the University of Houston.




Atheer Alattar‘s focus at TIBCO is helping oil and gas customers use TIBCO products. He holds a Master’s degree in Petroleum Engineering from LSU and a Master’s in Data Analytics from Georgia Tech.