Inspirational Female Founders Who Rock the Internet of Things

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Session Abstract:

The Internet of Things is rocking the world. Everyone wants to get in on the action. But even though female founders are on the rise, there are still not enough female founders – especially in a space like IoT that combines, data, hardware, and mobile. Let’s set the stage for inspirational female founders who are changing the world. This session will highlight 5 Super Founders who are also amazing female leaders that are making the difference in this space. Learn their secret sauce that can mean the difference between exponential growth and epic failure. Join Sandy Carter for a discussion on these 5 Inspirational women.


Sandy Carter is a pioneer and go to leader for startups and enterprises on introducing new technologies into market. From SOA, social business , AI, IoT, and Blockchain best practices, she has written 3 best selling books including “Get Bold”, translated into 9 languages. She is recognized by Forbes as a 2016 Digital Influencer, Forbes Global Top 40 Social Marketing Masters, Top Growth Hackers, 10 Most Powerful Women in Tech, and Women of M2M for Internet of Things (IoT).

Taking her Harvard MBA into action, Sandy has run several amazing businesses at IBM. In her last role as global Ecosystem leader for Startups and Accelerators, she was the chief evangelist, passionately helping enterprises and entrepreneurs increase productivity and creativity, while fostering a community of innovation. She’s a business maven, utilizing her influence and network to connect individuals and groups across the globe toward exciting new technological solutions.

As a warrior for workforce diversity, Sandy is a board member of Girls in Tech and WITI (Women in Technology International). She is the founder of “Super Women’s Group,” the longest running and largest diversity group at IBM and she is founder of Million Female Founders project. Her latest ebook “Geek Girls are Chic” was featured in USA Today.

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