Human dynamics of change management essential to successful transformational changes related to IoT

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Session Abstract:

mlc-full-logoThe inevitable advent of Internet of Things (IoT) in healthcare could result in multiple new initiatives related to restructuring of IT departments and systems, adoption of Cloud computing (if it hasn’t already been done), and adoption of advanced analytics software to analyze and draw meaning from the huge influx of data generated from IoT, among other things. The attendees of this conference will take different ideas back to their respective senior leadership teams for discussion and due consideration. Once approved, the idea will be born as an enterprise initiative that will touch multiple facets within an organization. From the inception of the idea to its implementation, it is important that change management doesn’t become the last sprinter in this relay race towards technological relevance. Although technology is the focus of these discussions, the successful repositioning of organizations in the IoT world will be contingent on acknowledgement, appreciation, and adoption of IoT by leaders and employees across organizational levels. Adoption of IoT will require a change in mindsets, people, and culture rather than a simple uptake of new skills and abilities. That is why the discussions related to IoT should include the human dynamics of change management from the inception of IoT ideas rather than being brought in as an afterthought during the project planning or worse yet implementation process.


Sandeep Aujla
Principal and President at Multilevel Leadership Consulting

Sandeep is a Leadership Advisor and Change Management Expert leading Multilevel Leadership Consulting (MLC), which is in the business of helping leaders and organizations develop and enhance their change leadership capacity and capabilities. Sandeep has held progressive leadership positions over the last 12 years in leadership development, learning, and organizational development in both public and private sector organizations with the last six years focused exclusively in healthcare. She also teaches undergraduate, graduate, and executive education courses in Business and Psychology at multiple universities across Ontario.

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Change Management, Successful implementation

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