Healthcare IoT Center of Excellence, Underserved Communities Focus

Session Abstract: 

Prepare for an “Industrial Data Revolution” and explore an evolving world of AI and machine learning in health care delivery.  Examples will be provided where AI, together with workflow improvement, are being applied to address gaps in care.  Specifically, Oklahoma State University’s (OSU) Center for Health Systems Innovation’s (CHSI) is applying AI approaches to the transformation of health care delivery with an emphasis on rural and Native American health care market.  AI examples for diabetic and cardiovascular patient management will be shown that were developed from the largest clinical database representing clinical information from 63 million patients collected over 20 years.


William D. Paiva, PhD, is Executive Director of the Center for Health Systems Innovation (CHSI). The Center is focused on transforming rural and Native America health through the implementation of innovative care delivery and IT solutions. Within CHSI, the Institute for Care Delivery focuses on developing new and innovative care delivery and business models for rural and Native American markets and the Institute for Predictive Medicine is applying advanced analytics to the largest health care database which includes clinical information for over 63 million patients covering 16 years. Prior to joining Oklahoma State University, Dr. Paiva has over 20 years of experience in the venture capital industry.

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