Healthcare IoT Center of Excellence Synopsis – Community Health

Unintended consequences resulting from decades of evolved regulations of the Healthcare industry have exacerbated healthy-life challenges associated with modern society in general – and now, even more so dealing with fallout from the corona virus pandemic. As a result, care, wellness, and society in many ways have become victims of data constraints in this domain. What has eluded practitioners in this regard are the comprehensive population data in general, and more specifically individualized context within hyper-segmented groupings of consumers. We assert that by pursuing a geographic-centered model of Community Care, populations may be discretely observed for patterns in a macro dimension that will expose precision knowledge-in-the-moment when distilled by distributed, networked smart-edge ecosystems of IoT agents coupled with machine learning and augmented intelligence capacities. We will inspire and collaborate with those seeking to assemble community focused programs to serve the greater good by enabling more efficient/effective outcomes for all.