Federated AI use cases for connected and autonomous cars

It was a pleasure to have Sudha Jamthe present yet another great presentation as part of our IoT Slam Live 2019 event. Relive this awesome video outlining the pathway to autonomous vehicles and how you can get started today.

Session Abstract:

Cars are becoming connected, shared and electric, leading us to the promise of Autonomous vehicles. They are powered by AI with inference models for car cognition and AR, VR, Voice experiences in the car. Federated AI is a way for an ecosystem of companies to collaborate in building federated machine learning models using training data from one company or location without compromising the privacy of users. Come find out how Federated AI is used in Finance and Energy industry. What are Federated AI use cases for connected and autonomous cars? What are some of the challenges in deploying this model practically in an ecosystem. What are the business models that can evolve with Federated AI combined with Blockchain and how can this accelerate the connected, autonomous and driverless world.

Speaker Bio:

Sudha Jamthe is the CEO of IoTDisruptions.com. As a technology futurist, she researches IoT, AI and Autonomous Vehicle and writes books and teaches the same at Stanford CSP and DrivelessWorldSchool. She enjoys mentoring city and industry leaders and board of directors to build smart mobility and new business transformations to get ready for autonomous vehicles. She is the chair of the strategic advisory board for Barcelona Technology School and an Ambassador for FundingBox Impact Connected Cars (Europe H2020) Community.

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