Diagnosis: Do You Have a Software Testing Problem?

Session Abstract:

Is your software testing moving as fast as you’d like it to go? Do you feel confident that your next product release will be bug-free and delight users? If your answer is not “absolutely,” it’s possible you have a software testing problem, and hiring more testers is likely not the answer.


An educator-turned-developer, Daniel got his start in the software industry testing embedded automotive infotainment systems for Johnson Controls in 2014. While he was there, Daniel created new components for and maintained the company’s Python automated testing framework. Daniel held other QA-related roles until becoming a Software Engineer at Blue Medora in 2016. While at Blue Medora, he served as a project lead, a platform extensions software engineer, and a recruitment and outreach advocate. In 2017, Daniel joined Spantree, where he worked on planning and optimization problems, data pipelines, and search solutions. As a Senior Software Engineer at Very, Dan works with clients to build IoT-enabled solutions.