An IoT security awareness and system hardening advisory tool for smart home devices.

Session Abstract:

To present my current undergraduate research project regarding an IoT security awareness and system hardening advisory tool. The main audience is the manufacturers/retailers of such devices with an end user engagement function to allow for live feedback from end users on their devices or any security concerns.
The nature of the project is to design and implement this tool to allow manufacturers/retailers to assess the security state of their IoT’s in line with the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) Database and provide recommendations and solutions to any possible vulnerabilities.
It is important to have an element of user engagement to allow for the continuous feedback and improvement of such devices and therefore the tool has an area for members to do such.
I would like to present my research along with designs for the tool at this conference to showcase my idea and hear any professional feedback that may be given.


Aimee Shepherd
Student at Bournemouth University

My name is Aimee Shepherd, I am 21 years old. I am currently studying Cyber Security Management at Bournemouth University and I am in my final year.
I am very much interested in IoTs and will look to progress this further through a masters/PhD specialising in IoT/Human Factors.

I would love to showcase my final year project at this conference through a presentation or poster to hear any feedback and constructive criticism to further improve my idea and to develop further during my postgraduate studies.

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IoT, Internet of Things, Cloud, Security

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