The Delicate Sound of Thunder: Observations About Salesforce IoT Cloud

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Session Abstract

IoT Slam 2015 Virtual Internet of Things Conference TourizingSalesforce, Inc. is the largest CRM company in the world, surpassing the market individual market shares of SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft. But they are much more than a glorified rolodex of digital contacts for sales professionals to use in their cold calls. They’ve matured into a full suite of Cloud platforms ranging from Marketing to Analytics to Service, In fact there are at least 7 clouds within the Salesforce offering that support the core needs of the enterprise business. But what will hold it altogether? How does IoT fit into a highly connected enterprise? What business use cases are being imagined as devices, sensors, and people are connected? My observation is that Salesforce’s IoT Cloud, known as Thunder, will be the central nervous system by which all of Salesforce’s clouds will be connected and best utilized to serve constituents, customers, and colleagues.


Zachary Jeans
Principal Strategist, Tourizing

Zachary Jeans is an independent strategist and founder of Tourizing, a consulting firm that delights in bringing clarity to the enterprise software world, with particular expertise in the Salesforce ecosystem. Zachary is the number one Salesforce influencer on Twitter according to research done by Run Consultants. He is a Constellation Research Orbits member, a select group focused on digital disruption in technology, business models, and society. Beyond the focus of Salesforce, Zachary is on the leadership team at LeadWithGiants, an organization dedicated to raising up 10,000 uplifting leaders across eduction, business, tech, and government.

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