Business Transformation with IoT

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Session Abstract

IoT Slam 2015 Virtual Internet of Things Conference -IntelOK we got that IoT is huge and impactful. But where do i begin? This talk helps you to transform organizational competencies and assets to harness the IoT wave for future growth

This session will address how to:
-Discover the future value of effective planning for dramatically technologically modernized horizon
-Map projects from potential to profitability for both the business and the customer
-Understand the balancing act required to stay competitive without destroying your business
-Create a situational analysis to evaluate product potential and understand the competition
-Develop a product action plans and measurable outcomes to gauge performance


Aneet Chopra
IOT Evangelist, Trusted Advisor, Intel Corporation

Aneet is a senior Internet of Things (IoT) Executive with a passion to change the world for better, Delivering on New Business model, Partnerships and Industry Solutions
—Transformational leader comfortable in volatile and rapidly changing business situations
—Creating and nurturing new growth businesses. Led Revenue generation and P&L
—Expert in end-to-end business planning including managing roadmaps, strategic marketing planning, customer partnerships, ecosystem development and deal execution while managing expenses to plan
—Capable of influencing and driving ‘C’ level initiatives, fostering major alliances, M&A and establishing joint ventures

Aneet is adept as an ongoing learner, self-starter with “startup” mentality contributing to multiple industries for IoT, Cloud services and infrastructure, SDN networking, security, mobility and wireless. Demonstrated expertise leading, growing and managing IoT development, architecture and integration of platform components including hardware, security, sensor, software and API management.

Session Tags

End-User, Enterprise, Small / Medium Enterprise, OEM,

Interoperability, standards, business transformation, value proposition,

CxO, VP / Director, Middle Management, Business Line Management, Operations,


Retail, Manufacturing, Telecom, Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Industrials, Healthcare, Consumer, Government / Public Sector, Pharmaceutical / BioTech, Automotive

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