Zero Trust Security for IoT

Session Abstract:

The proliferation of connected devices like IoT, IoMT and OT has transformed businesses. But these devices also introduce a new attack surface, because they cannot be easily managed or protected with traditional security technologies. You cannot install security agents on unmanaged devices. You also cannot burden security operations by monitoring and investigating every issue on every device when are hundreds of thousands of these devices deployed.

Enter Zero Trust security. The Zero Trust framework advocates for least privilege access, continuous monitoring and granular access control. It is in fact ideal for unmanaged devices like IoT because they have deterministic functions. Zero Trust segmentations policies allows devices only the prescribed services and communications essential to function, while limiting exposure. In this session, Craig Hyps, will describes the security challenges with IoT, and how to design a Zero Trust framework to secure them. He explains the importance of AI and behavioral analytics in identifying communications patterns of devices for their specific roles, and how to design the appropriate microsegmentation policies to scale security. He ends the presentation with best practices from real-world deployments.


Craig Hyps Principal Engineer, Ordr

As a Principal Engineer with Ordr, Craig is driving next-generation solutions that allow organizations keep pace with the hyper-connected Internet of Things through automated classification and microsegmentation  using ML/AI on big data platforms. Prior to joining Ordr in 2018, Craig was a 20+ year veteran with Cisco Systems defining Cisco’s policy and access control solutions including Identity Services Engine (ISE) and Software-Defined Access (SDA).

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Security, zero trust, microsegmentation, AI


Advanced, Intermediate, Beginner

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