Want to Get Value Out of IoT? Stop Talking About IoT

By Leonard Lee of neXt Curve.

Do you scratch your head when someone asks you if you have an “IoT strategy”?

I do, and I find myself inevitably asking what one means by “IoT strategy”. Why is the Internet of Things (a.k.a. “IoT”) such a confusing thing for many of us?

The Internet of Conceptual & Semantic Disconnects!

According to a 2016 Gartner study, 43 percent of enterprises were looking to do something with the Internet of Things.2 According to numerous studies, most notably one conducted by Cisco in 2017, enterprises that have or are in the process of implementing IoT for their business are experiencing low rates of success with anywhere from 60 to 73 percent of projects failing. What is going on here? Are companies just not that good at this thing we call IoT? Were stakeholder expectations not managed well? Communication breakdown between techies and their business counterparts? Maybe people just don’t know what IoT is in a way that matters for the business.

[pdf-embedder url=”https://iotpractitioner.com/wp-content/uploads/securepdfs/2019/04/neXt-Curve-Research-Report-Forget-IoT-2018.pdf” title=”neXt Curve Research Report-Forget IoT 2018″]