Using the power of 5G and IoT to drive industrial transformation

Session Abstract:

IoT adoption is heading into a new phase where enterprises are entrusting their most critical core systems and processes to IoT, including those that directly affect their relationship with their customers. Leading-edge adopters are looking at using IoT to transform core business processes with focus on how to leverage the insights and the data coming from connected devices. 5G will be critical to establishing the next generation of IoT, as will the design and deployment of cloud-native networks. However, the true value proposition of enterprise 5G does not lie in the technology itself, but rather in the application it enables. Addressing industry specific pain points is of paramount importance to enterprises’ adoption of the next generation IoT solutions. In this session, we will discuss how to unlock vertical industries with IoT and capture new value through rich digital eco-systems and technology solutions allowing scalability, agility, and industry tailored vertical applications.


Andrew De La Torre, Group Vice President of Technology, Oracle Communications is responsible for making strategic decisions that increase the overall competitive position of Oracle Communications and defining direction for the best-in-class products and solutions that help customers compete in a rapidly evolving technology landscape. De La Torre also leads the technical sales, business development and acquisitions teams for the business unit. Prior to joining Oracle, De La Torre spent 21 years at Vodafone in roles as Chief Technology Officer, Vodafone Americas and Vodafone Malta, as well as Chief Technology Strategy Officer for Vodafone Group. During his tenure, he led multi-tiered, highly skilled teams in the delivery of consumer and enterprise solutions across mobility, fixed network, IoT, cloud, and security. He also oversaw project execution across IT, mobile and fixed network, data centers, and business systems. In addition to his telecom experience, De La Torre has consulted in other industries such as oil and gas and construction, and with Fortune 500 companies that have tapped his experience in corporate governance, finance, strategic planning, and technology transformation.