Swarms of machines – the new way to solve your problem. No drones required.

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IoT Slam Live 2017 Session Abstract: 

Many complex scenarios in nature are solved by self-organized creatures; a swarm of bees, a flock of birds, a pride of lions. We now live in a world where sophisticated industrial machines, with sensors and local processing power, can also collaborate as a team. Youtube videos of drones may grab the headlines, but industrial IoT devices can also work as a team, even if they are legacy devices that have been fixed in place for thirty years. There are huge opportunities for using collective (or “swarm”) intelligence to automatically optimize processes, maximize productivity and minimize operational costs in a broad range of industries – from manufacturing, through to supply chain, mining, and smart cities.

In this session, we will investigate a complex industrial problem (blending), and show how a swarm-based approach can optimize and manage a dynamic environment with many disruptions, far more effectively than a cloud-based analytic system. Using a live demonstration, we will illustrate why Swarms will be a disruptive force, delivering significant IIoT value. The demonstration will show several hundred agents collaborating in realtime, to optimise a process.


Anthony Howcroft
CEO at SWARM Engineering

Anthony is a Technology Leader with a mix of startup and enterprise experience spanning more than 25 years. Prior to his role as CEO of SWARM Engineering, Anthony was Chief Strategy Officer at Frost Data Capital, supporting sales & marketing, and lean strategy across the portfolio of 20+ big data & analytic startups. He was co-founder of DATAllegro, the Data Warehouse appliance vendor acquired by Microsoft in 2008, and successfully led the Microsoft Big Data team in EMEA for 5 years. Previously, he worked at Texas Instruments, McDonnell Douglas, and Mondelez. He has a Diploma in Creative Writing from The University of Oxford, and is a prize-winning author.

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End-User, Enterprise, OEM

Swarm, Cognitive IOT, AI, Machine Learning, Blending, Oil and Gas, Food, Intelligence

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Retail, Manufacturing, Industrials, Pharmaceutical / BioTech, Automotive

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IoT Slam Internet of Things Conference

IoT Slam Internet of Things Conference