Standing on a Precipice: How to Manage Data at the Edge without Falling Off

Session Abstract:

The edge offers an immense untapped opportunity for IoT, but for many it can feel overwhelming to harness and more like a literal cliff to their project. In this session learn how enabling the edge properly with communication, life-cycle management and data-governance can keep your project safely within bounds while offering opportunities to enhance your solution with metadata from these components to derive contextualized insights that were not previously possible.


Dan Bantukul is a senior member of Oracle Communications’ CTO team and currently focuses on 5G and Cloud computing.  As a Technology Strategist, Dan is responsible for formulating and recommending technical as well as strategic directions and industry interactions for Oracle Communications products.  Dan represents Oracle in various industry as well as customer focus events as a speaker presenting the forward-looking and strategic direction for Oracle Communications. He joined Oracle in 2013 as a Senior Principal CTO member through the Tekelec acquisition. In this role, Bantukul participates in various technical and strategic directions for both clouds based as well as on-premises-based mobile solutions.  At Tekelec, he served as a member of the CTO staff as well as product management for multitudes of Signaling products. In these capacities, he focused on developing Oracle’s solutions that satisfy the mobile network needs in the areas of 5G, Private networks, Edge Computing, Machine Analytics, and more. Dan started his career in 1988 and earned an MS and BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering at the North Carolina State University.

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