Sensor Based Business and Supply Chain Optimization

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Session Abstract:

Advancements in sensor technology and cellular network connectivity have created a unique opportunity for a fully integrated sensor solution that empowers access to valuable data insights like never before.
During the session, the audience will become familiar with and understand how a unique end-to-end Sensing as a Service(TM) solution with ubiquitous global connectivity can add value to various market verticals.
The presentation will demonstrate how a streamlined collection and analysis of live sensor metrics housed within the world’s smallest module of its kind, can enable full visibility and complete operations sensing for small to large enterprise customers.


Krenar Komoni
CEO and founder of Tive,

Krenar Komoni is CEO and founder of Tive, Inc. where he brings in-depth hardware and software expertise to the development and growth of this technology company. Prior to founding Tive in 2015, Krenar was a core member of multiple start-ups in a variety of industries, developing fabless semiconductors, innovative base-station amplifiers, indoor positioning systems, RF-related services and products, and 3D immersive interactive applications.
Krenar graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering and Mathematics from Norwich University, and earned his Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering at Tufts University.

Session Tags:

Government, Enterprise, Small / Medium Enterprise

Cloud, Infrastructure, Industrial IoT, Internet, Analytics, Machine Learning

CxO, VP / Director, Middle Management, Operations


Telecom, Industrials, Healthcare, Government / Public Sector, Pharmaceutical / BioTech