Securing the Internet of Things

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IoT Slam Live 2017 Session Abstract: 

The burgeoning IoT market will continue to be sensitive to security as the sheer number of connected devices means more attack vectors and more possibilities for hackers. Recently, the focus on IoT security has increased following a growing number of threats on outdated systems and protocols that aren’t evolving.

Platform security weaknesses can ruin consumer confidence in their smart home. IoT developers should become knowledgeable about the steps that protocols take beyond the device level to prevent hacks. This course discusses how IoT standards, specifically Z-Wave, are expanding security measures with continued advancements, updates, and mandates in order for IoT to become widely adopted across business and consumer market areas.

Z-Wave has an ecosystem of over 1700 diverse certified products from reputable companies and brands to offer multiple use-case solutions and the best-of-breed products that provide consumers with a choice. Over 90% of the lifestyle security systems in North America are powered by Z-Wave and this course will expand on recent advancements made to the popular protocol that enhance security and simplify deployment as part of the broader conversation around the need for increased security measured within IoT.


Ben Garcia
Senior Field Application Engineer at Sigma Designs

Ben has been in the wireless home control space for nearly 10 years. He was formally a design engineer for Wayne-Dalton Corporation where he developed home automation and control solutions, and then became Director of Engineering for the parent company Home Run Holdings Corporation. Ben has a degree in Electrical Engineering from New Jersey Institute of Technology.

As Principal Field Applications Engineer for Z-Wave Ben provides engineering training & support for SoC and modular solutions used to deliver entertainment and automation control throughout the home. Solutions that include Media Processors, Smart TV, Video Encoding, Z-Wave, HPNA, PLC, HPAV, G.Hn, Gateways, Video Processing, Home Control, AV network devices, Set-Top Boxes, Internet of Things – IoT, Encryption AES-128, ECDH.

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