Saving Lives or Risking Lives?

The presentation will be focused on both the physical and electronic security weaknesses common in many IoT healthcare devices, where the life of a patient or user is at risk.
If a medical device of any kind is accessible or connected it’s vulnerable – be it physical tampering or communication: Wireless (4 and 5G), Bluetooth, Near Field Communication (NFC), or any future technologies.
We will review incidents that have happened and the impacts, as well as methods and measures that could have been implemented to mitigate these (or other) events. Concluding with an interactive discussion about methods to test for weaknesses and vulnerabilities, and a sharing of successful programs that are being used.


Aaron S. Birnbaum – Chief Security Officer

Aaron is an experienced technology professional with over 30 years of experience leading high-performing technical and non-technical teams developing strategy, understanding technology and physical and electronic security across multiple industries. A published author, experienced public speaker, security evangelist, trusted advisor and personal mentor. Recognized as a SME for security and security awareness training.

Mr. Birnbaum received his MBA from the University of Denver, and his BA in Communications from the SUNY College at Oswego. He has been an advisor and investor in several start-up companies across industries.