A road-map for IoT strategy and business model innovation

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Session Abstract

IoT Slam 2015 Virtual Internet of Things Conference mwm-logoM2M solutions have made strong progress over the past few years resulting in a large base of connected devices. Reductions in the costs to deploy and support M2M applications, coupled with standardized provisioning processes have lowered the barriers to adoption for many companies. The market is now at a stage where the IoT sector is building on M2M operational concepts and effectively enveloping the latter.

Many companies offering IoT solutions are simply taking M2M applications and applying the IoT label to take advantage of popular marketing sentiment. For strategic reasons, this is dangerously flawed; IoT applications are not a super-sized version of M2M. IoT offers much greater scope for value creation than M2M. To capitalize on these emerging market opportunities, telecoms operators and many enterprise users are searching for guidance about how best to navigate the IoT arena.

The purpose of this presentation is to map out the IoT landscape and provide companies with a road-map that they can use to develop their IoT business strategies. This road-map highlights three avenues of growth: support for more connectivity technologies beyond the mobile (cellular) which is the main-stay of M2M; movement up the value-chain into platforms, applications and risk/reward sharing business models; and, support for interoperability in ways that permeate the silo characteristics of present-day applications.

Through this presentation, IoT solution and service providers will gain a perspective on how to make the transition from the (M2M-silo) value chain and into the partnering ecosystems, platforms and interoperability touch points that characterize the IoT market. The presentation will also explore the revenue-flow models that underpin multi-party IoT application opportunities and how this translates into business-model innovation.


Ken Figueredo
Founder more-with-mobile

Ken Figueredo founded ‘More-with-Mobile’ to advise companies on the business opportunities arising from connected devices. He focuses on business innovation, market analysis and strategy consultancy projects in the M2M/IoT market.

Ken is currently working with several companies that are commercializing IoT-platform services and solutions based on the oneM2M standard. He is also contributing to projects for two separate multi-national mobile operators that are implementing IoT eco-system strategies.

Ken’s expertise in the connected devices market dates back to a 2008 strategy study for the GSMA which made the case for the mobile industry to move ‘Beyond M2M’ and into adjacent markets as a means of anticipating the slow down in growth from mobile phones/Smartphone sales. In addition to supporting the GSMA in connected home, mEducation, mHealth and new business-model assignments, he has also worked on M2M and IoT service-offering projects for mobile operators and technology vendors. Earlier in his career, Ken was the Managing Director for Consulting at Pyramid Research. Prior to this, he set up the U.S. East Coast office for the UK-based research and consulting firm, AnalysysMason.

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