Preparing for the Internet of Things 50 Trillion Gigabyte Challenge

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Session Abstract

IoT Slam 2015 Virtual Internet of Things Conference - RYFT LogoWe are in the midst of the biggest challenge to IT since the emergence of the Internet, as businesses scramble to mine actionable insights from everything around us – phones, cameras, cars, appliances, accessories, and industrial sensors. As the world marches toward the 50 trillion Gigabyte data mark, the gap between the data that can be collected and the data that can be analyzed in time to be useful is growing wider by the day.

When it comes to carving out your competitive advantage with the IoT, you can never be too fast or too efficient. In this keynote presentation, Pat McGarry, an early innovator in edge computing and Vice President of Engineering for Ryft, will provide practical insights into the unique challenges associated with IoT data and why it presents so many hurdles to conventional Enterprise and cloud infrastructures. He will also cover new heterogeneous computing architectures that are enabling companies to modernize their information infrastructure to overcome roadblocks to IoT success.


Pat McGarry
VP Engineering at RYFT 

Pat McGarry is an edge computing pioneer and expert in heterogeneous computing technologies moving beyond von Neumann models. He leads the team that architected the world’s first small form-factor product to deliver ultra high performance and efficient IoT data search and analytics at the edge.  He brings extensive technology and leadership experience in hardware and software engineering to his role as Vice President of Engineering at Ryft. He joins Ryft from Ixia Communications, where he was responsible for the company’s Federal security systems engineering programs.

During his tenure at Ixia and BreakingPoint Systems, Pat spent several years working in the cyber security industry within the DoD and the Intelligence communities conducting experimentation and analysis of cyber-related performance and security concerns on arbitrary network infrastructures. Prior to BreakingPoint, Pat held key roles in product and engineering management in the realm of embedded systems design, network systems analysis and design, and cyber security.

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