Patient Centered Design

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IoT Slam Live 2017 Session Abstract: 

Health care applications are exploding across the mobile space. They engage people in the most personal way with companion data that simplifies and encourages treatment. Patients struggle with provider portals, doctors sites, personal fitness data and all manner of applications and sites that are silo-ed, not user friendly and not patient centered.

While product and tech people talk about making improvements are they using technology and the IoT in the most friendly, secure and reliable way? Let’s explore ways to make user experience better for patients and practitioners. Let’s look at ways to save money, make delightful products and provide better outcomes. This talk will focus on actionable results.

Adoption of the new IoT health care services relies heavily on the experience — everything from tele-health to checking my steps and reporting my life moments to my doctor.

Lots of companies are investing in data-centric applications that provide intense engagement. Putting focus on life moments and how IoT data can bring info right when it’s needed for health care discovery and management can make a difference in people’s lives while also creating value for businesses.


Rebecca Rusk
Chief Experience Officer at Bex UX

Rebecca Rusk is Chief Experience Officer at Bex UX. She is a results oriented leader recognized with the Avant Garde Award for Leadership and Innovation by Rocky Mountain Women in Cable and Telecommunications. Her passion is to design business goals into most valuable and delightful user experience. She is a User Experience (UX) mentor, usability expert and design thinker. Rebecca currently works as Senior UX Designer at Thrive agency. She works alongside industrial designers to build experiences and companion applications for IoT medical and consumer lifestyle devices.

Rebecca is on the leadership committee of the Interaction Design Association ATL and is Co-Chair of ATL World IA (Information Architecture)Day 2017.

Rebecca’s work spans more than 25 years and includes senior manage- ment roles at: Turner Broadcasting, Starz Entertainment, TCI/AT&T Broadband. At Turner, Rebecca established the UX Center of Excellence and created interac- tive products and services with CNN, March Madness, TNT, TBS, and Cartoon Network. She has been awarded several patents and Emmy nominations.

Rebecca is active in Ladies That UX, the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, Georgia Institute of Technology Human Computer Interaction Mentoring and the University of Missouri Research Advisory Board. She loves connected devices, interactive story- telling and hiking in Wyoming.

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