Now What? Why Most IoT Products on the Market Fail in a Rapidly Changing Landscape


Our Head of Client Strategy will share with you the common themes that separates the best IoT products from the rest – or the ones that will last for a long time in the market and the ones that will be short lived. We’ll talk specifically about how to build an IoT Strategy from the start that provides a long term roadmap and builds in different revenue streams to provide ROI beyond just a cool product.


Nate Strong leads revenue-generating teams at Very with a technology-first mindset. As Very’s VP of Client Strategy Nate leads our sales and account management teams, where we focus on completing successful projects for companies that are leaders in their field. Before joining Very, Nate was the Head of Revenue at BookNook, where he increased brand presence, conversion rates, new sales, usage, and renewal rate. Nate holds a BA, Economics/Finance, Political Science from Seattle Pacific University. Nate has more than nine years of experience building remote teams, scaling revenue, and leading customer success teams that helps him to understand, anticipate, and respond to the needs of Very’s clients. Nate enjoys solving interesting problems and using data to explain success. In his free time, he advises start-ups on how to build successful revenue funnels.