New paradigm for medicine

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Session Abstract:

clinixon_LogoIt’s simple… we are always a couple of steps behind… but now… Technology has made the game even. Everything has a meaning now! I can convince my colleagues that they need to use a EMR, that data is important, that we can gather data with different formats and we can put it together. For what? To have analytics… To be able to make excellent conclusion about OUR situation! Not other situations… OUR situation! But this is not the end! Imagine what we can do if with this data we can apply Artificial Intelligence, we can apply IoT, we can finally have workflows for everything… In other words we can finally change medicine for good, to make it better for everybody and we can provide ACCESS to everybody. With our own data we can convince the ones that make the decision to make the RIGHT desiciones and prioritize correctly… Technology made things even… now is the time to stop talking and being part of this change… it’s not going to be easy but we need COMMUNICATORS to deliver this value proposition to MD… I would love to be one… would you?


Ivo Ferreira
MD at

Ivo Ferreira is 35 years old, dad, husband. Ophthalmologist, Cataract surgeon and Researcher. Entrepreneur, Software geek, Podcast and Crossfit Fan. I believe in technology as a tool to change the actual paradigm in medicine and I will not rest until I do it. I come from a small country in Uruguay, I actually live in Mexico City and I see the same problem all over again. It’s not a problem about money. It’s a problem about efficiency and efficacy.

It’s about changing our model to we ca deliver a better outcome. In all this years I have been looking for tools. Now we have this tool. This tool is internet, bid data and artificial intelligence. But not alone. Only TOGETHER they have a huge power. I’m the person who can INTEGRATE those and COMMUNICATE to my colleagues the value proposition of it.

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Interoperbility, Platforms and Applications

Operations, Clinical, Medical

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