New challenges in Software Testing the IoT

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Session Abstract

IoT Slam 2016 Internet of Things Conference Atos LogoIn a complete interconnected world, all areas are touched by challenges given by the IoT, and software testing is definitely one of them. Although a very broad subject, the presenters are depicting four key testing topic while supporting their ideas with experiences from current IoT big projects.

The discussion starts with a short overview of the entire IoT value chain, from devices and communication, up to backend integration or global operations. As testing is present in all these segments, it affects most of the competencies for business transformation: trust, compliance, customer experience, operational excellence or business reinvention. Hence, the presenters discuss new, derived challenges in the testing area (and the validation of the IoT software and hardware), with emphasis put on the following areas: interoperability and integration, maintainability, usability and security tests.

In a more intelligent and more interconnected world, anything may be part of an IT system. With various types of devices and applications, the interoperability becomes key. While standards, specifications and methodologies are a necessary input, it becomes a challenge to insure technical, syntactical, semantic and organizational interoperability.
The plethora of devices will pose with the time another interesting challenge: maintaining the device museum. While in some areas “Things” may become obsolete in a short time frame, we may have devices in other areas which are kept into the systems for a long period of time and need to be continuously under corrective, perfective, adaptive or preventive maintenance.
The UX differs significantly in IoT too. We have desktops, mobiles, web, devices using UI, LED signals, sounds, etc. The complexity increases, and the testing in this area tends to be more specialized than ever before.
Security is definitely the critical as the panel of possible threats extended heavily in the last ten years and will impact even harder the IoT world. The discussion touches the challenges given by needed security, privacy and social engineering tests.

The audience can grasp better the ideas presented through several examples presented from IoT projects realized by Atos for their customers in areas such as automotive, energy, home appliances, etc.


Ovidiu Ursachi
Senior Test Consultant at Atos

Ovidiu Ursachi is a Senior Test Consultant at Atos Testing Services Germany with 13 years of experience in testing projects and programs across industries such as automotive, finance, lottery, eCommerce, telecom, or media. He consulted a wide panel of big organizations from Germany, USA, Austria, France, or Italy in the implementation of their Test Strategies or in the implementation of critical organizational projects. Ovidiu holds an MBA (Engineering stream) with distinction from Manchester Business School (UK) and has a bachelor in Computer Science in Romania.

Ralf Mack
Senior Test Consultant at Atos

Ralf Mack is Senior Test Consultant at Atos Testing Services Germany. His prior role at Atos is to consult customers in the area of SW testing and work on new customer engagements and new services. He contributes to the testing portfolio development inside Atos. Over the last 19 years Ralf has also held a number of roles in the area of SW development, testing and quality assurance at IT service providers as debis, T-Systems and Atos. He has consulted with clients in many industries including manufacturing, automotive, energy and telecommunication about testing and quality assurance. Ralf holds a Diplom-Ingenieur (comparable to MSc) degree in electrical engineering.

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