Making the office smart with IoT is harder than you think but can be magically simple

Session Abstract:

Explore how the combination of sensors, apps and an intelligent platform can turn any space from a heritage place of work to a modern smart workplace. The session will explore the challenges of sensors, including how to optimally deploy sensors in spaces you may not own or manage. The session will look at an approach to centralising that sensor data and using that data within an intelligent platform that interacts with the apps and bots that people need to make their days productive. The session will draw on real experiences of deploying 40k+ sensors to our 1500 offices globally and delivering a user experience from the information available.


Stu Downes
Digital Workplace Transformation Offerings Director at Capgemini

Stu Downes is a leader in digital workplace offerings and has worked for 20+ years with workplace technologies. With Capgemini Stu leads the Connected Employee Experience offerings and within that a set of Connected Office offers that bring truly enhanced experiences to people in modern workplaces globally.

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Government, Enterprise, Small / Medium Enterprise

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VP / Director, Middle Management, Technical, Business Line Management

Intermediate, Beginner

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