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Session Abstract:

Remote Patient Monitoring presents tremendous potential to disrupt traditional healthcare delivery models and expand the reach of quality healthcare to the global population. The concept embodies the use of information technology and electronic communications to provide healthcare services to patients in disparate locations, and it is fast growing as a viable solution to challenges facing healthcare institutions, patients, and the wider healthcare industry.

Advancement in Remote patient monitoring systems and IoT systems promises to bring quality healthcare to people in rural or third-world areas, as well as those unable to easily leave their homes. Technology adoption is increasing exponentially in the world as consumers demand greater convenience and accessibility to services remotely. Patients are critical and more informed about their healthcare options than ever before because of technology. The adoption of IoT in healthcare services will bring down overall costs for providing quality services, increase patient satisfaction in those services, and provide better services though collaboration and information sharing.


Arnab Paul
CEO of Patient Planet

Arnab Paul is Patient Planet’s Chief Executive Officer, responsible for business development and platform strategy. He is currently involved in the Home care & Remote Health vertical at Patient Planet. He is working on developing new businesses in the TeleHealth and Internet of Things along with real time patient engagement. Arnab Paul, traditionally a Biochemist by profession, recipient of HURST Fellowship, American University, Washington DC, USA and Saltire Scholarship, University of Aberdeen, UK, found his calling in Public Health and gradually moved into Healthcare IT space with a vision to improve the health outcomes of the people of India. He is Passionate about facilitating the alignment among technology, people and processes to ultimately improve patient experience and the functioning of healthcare. He worked as a Director for more than a decade in the Clinical Diagnostic Industry. He is also an avid blogger and a patient engagement evangelist

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Remote Patient Monitoring, Applications, IOT. Healthcare, elder care

CxO, VP / Director, Middle Management, Technical, Business Line Management, Operations, Clinical, Medical




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