Leveraging Secure Integration of Personal Medical and Fitness Devices drives population health and telehealth initiatives, while reducing readmissions

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Session Abstract:

The quickening evolution of personal medical, fitness and wellness devices is driving change in healthcare at a pace never seen before. Consumer demand, including employer and insurance companies, are taking personal health seriously, while companies have invested over $6 trillion into new development and manufacturing of these technologies. Providing institutions are at a crossroads, still grappling with EMR/EHR implementations, and changing requirements for Meaningful Use, ACO and population health programs. Additionally new laws regarding the care and reporting of behavioral health services further complicate health network operations.

The ability to clinically and securely integrate data from these devices into the provider network will soon become a necessity. Assuring accuracy and calibration of such devices while sharing key vital data with multiple physicians, application systems, and business units will become standard in the next few years.

This presentation focuses on how the evolution of the technologies are converging, while providing best practices around integration and analytics of such data. Key topics involving security, user authentication, and validating multiple devices for each patient will be addressed. Attendees will learn how the adoption of such clinical integration technology will actually enhance and complete population health telehealth, ACO and other quality initiatives while reducing overall operating costs and patient emergency re-admissions.


Joe Feyereisen
CEO at Reach IPS, Inc.

Joe Feyereisen is a world-renowned speaker and expert on new technology integration in the healthcare industry, working as a CXO or leader for many leading provider, payer, legislative and manufacturing institutions including Dignity Health, Community Health Systems, Arizona MedTech Council, Texas Organization of Rural and Community Hospitals and more. He currently tours North America, helping train and mentor healthcare providers, application developers, and manufacturers on how to securely and effectively embrace the technology changes and ease adoption into their user and customer bases. He is a frequently requested speaker at healthcare, leadership, security, and IoT conferences throughout North America.

He has been a leader in the creation of key technologies such as the state of Texas’ first healthcare cloud network, developing the secure satellite communications network for Best Western, KOA, Pilot and Nationwide Insurance, as well as global healthcare data networks for UHC, Aetna, Prudential, Oxford and Blue Cross/Blue Shield.

His technologies have been featured in numerous articles, blogs and magazines including the cover of Time Magazine. As CEO of Reach IPS, he focuses on helping provider organizations and networks gain efficiencies and reduce costs by the adoption of clinical integration and personal medical technologies.

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