Session Abstract:

At SAS, we have been implementing a number of analytic methods on our energy and building management systems to create a Smart Campus. This has enabled us to create a digital twin of many assets on our campus. We have been able to use these digital twins to meet our project objectives, which include:

  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Understand and increase our environmental sustainability
  • Improve control programs for building management

To achieve these objectives, we are making use of the vast IoT data available on our campus. This data is analyzed using machine learning, artificial intelligence, and more targeted analytic methods to detect anomalies and optimize operations. In applying these methods, we have seen what works, and what does not. This presentation will review our experiences for the project, and show results of the various analytic methods used



Brad Klenz is Principal Architect in Advanced Analytics R&D at SAS. His responsibilities include the design and integration of technologies required by SAS’ Analytical Solutions. His recent projects include Streaming Data Analysis for the Energy sector, Customer Intelligence, and Asset Performance Analytics. He received a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from North Carolina State University.

Chris Beall aligns each customer’s unique needs with Building Clarity and partner technologies to form the best possible solution for each customer. He guides customers through the process of identifying gaps in data and functionality in order to create a cohesive IT application configuration for facility and business support applications. Chris’ experience as a technology consultant allows him to easily identify what systems and functionality need to be combined with legacy systems to drive visibility into building and portfolio operations. Outcomes of Chris’ projects typically include increased visibility, control, and enhanced decision-making through analytical insights, which drive operational cost reduction.

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