Jane Howell and Eric Simone Named IoT Community Woman and Man of the Year 2021

As the IoT Community closed out our best year since inception, we were thrilled to announce Jane Howell and Eric Simone, being named as IoT Community Woman and Man of the Year 2021. This inaugural internal IoT Community member award recognizes excellence at the highest level. 

Jane Howell’s 2021 highlights:

  • First year as owner of IoT Community / SAS relationship, Incubated instantly and hit the ground running during transition phase
  • Recruited several core experts to speak at IoT Slam events and host IoT MasterClasses including SAS CTO, to keynote IoT Day Slam 2021
  • Participated in an outstanding WIoTCoE panel
  • Has attended every Advisory Board call held in 2021

Eric Simone’s 2021 highlights:

  • Spoke at every IoT Slam of 2021 (that’s 4) including representing IoT Community in NOLA at the IoT Slam Live 2021 in-person event
  • Attended every Advisory Board call held in 2021
  • Appointment as the co-chair of the Converged Edge CoE (CECoE)
  • Demonstrated great success in advancing ClearBlade to celebrity status

    To you both we say a HUGE thank you for all your efforts outlined above and the many more we did not write about. As we look ahead to 2022, we are excited to raise the bar even higher and look forward to more great things to come.