IoT Slam Live 2017 Session – Who will be the Conductor of the Identity Orchestra for Connected Things?

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Session Abstract:

With as much as $11 trillion in business impact by 2025, IoT has the potential to radically transform the world. It will impact industries across the spectrum of verticals and provide new opportunities for a variety of companies. Yet, most companies are only in the early stages of their IoT deployments. Many of them do not consider the potential impact of poorly developed policies and security in their IoT rollouts. Their relative inexperience has led to a security challenge for the industry and questions for every company working on IoT projects.

As more devices connect to the internet, it only takes one of these to be hacked to affect a whole string of physical and digital connections. Our connected world means every interaction within the IoT chain must be secure and follow a policy that manages each interactions as part of a greater whole. All of this requires today’s IoT cybersecurity practitioners to start thinking more holistically to prepare for future threats to their networks.

Identity-centric IoT platforms are one way to manage these complex networks against vulnerabilities. Identity can be the connective fabric for every touch point in the IoT chain. However, as is often the case, IoT has made this more complicated than ever. Identity is no longer about one person, system, or thing. It involves the interaction between and orchestration of people, systems, things, and devices— all of which have their own identities. It is ultimately a “symphony,” and like any great orchestra there must be a conductor to coordinate and drive the vision of the score.

This insightful session will illuminate what’s required of the conductor of the identity orchestra for connected things. During this presentation Covisint Chief Security Officer, David Miller will:

• Share how devices can and will connect to much more over the next several years, including infrastructure and devices – particularly involving connected cars, homes and smart cities
• Discuss how identity involves the interaction between and orchestration of people, systems, things and devices – all of which have their own identities.
• Talk about the role of conducting to coordinate, inspire and drive an IoT vision is critical to the use of identity in the successful implementation of connected people, systems and things, and what can be achieved at scale.


David Miller
Chief Security Officer at Covisint

Dave Miller, Covisint Chief Security Officer, is an internationally renowned security thought leader, Dave has been named by Fortune Magazine as an Identity Visionary, Dave has more than 30+ years experience in the Information Technology and multiple vertical industries, has keynoted at numerous conferences in various industries and has spoken before the US senate. Dave has been with Covisint since its inception, architecting its federation solutions and implementing the 1st true identity network for the automotive industry. Dave has spoken at numerous IoT conferences across various industries.
Prior to Covisint, he served as Director of Operations for GM TradeXchange, managing the implementation and architecture of GM’s automotive exchange. His GM experience also includes being Director of Technology for Dascom (later purchased by IBM) and his many years as an Enterprise Architect at EDS in Detroit, where he supported GM business systems.

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