IoT Slam Live 2017 Panel – Driving exceptional customer experience and learning opportunities with IoT

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Session Abstract: 

Today, we look at the world and think about a variety of factors that either help us to drive or deter positive customer experiences (#CX). Fundamentally, it’s not about the technology … that’s just the facilitator, although a needed one to avoid being at a competitive disadvantage in an increasingly connected and digital time. The idea of digital transformation was based on incredible hype, but we’re finally seeing substance. It’s not just about the data though, but the real-time *actionable* insights we gain to improve — whether that’s ways kids learn in school, how doctors treat patients, actions that businesses take to address the needs of customers, decisions that government organizations take to appropriately represent their citizens and beyond.

This panel will discuss:

  • How real-time insight makes an impact to connect the dots between people, processes and technology
  • How when implement right, IoT can provide value and create the right experiences at the right time.
  • How the other piece of this puzzle is just that … pieces of a connected puzzle.
  • Organizations don’t just create an IoT strategy and platform in a proverbial silo.
  • Fragmentation between teams, systems and information won’t work.

While it doesn’t need to be completely comprehensive from the minimum viable product (MVP) stage, it should represent a connected infrastructure and focus to succeed … and create rewarding customer experiences. That means connecting IoT to your cloud efforts, making them secure, enabling your teams to learn and do more, offering capabilities to partners, and integrating machine learning and #AI (augmented vs artificial intelligence).


Ian Gertler – IoT Evangelist and Futurist

Chris O’Connor – General Manager, Internet of Things for IBM
Tom Snyder – Executive Director of RIoT
Brian Doyle – Vice President, Client Solutions at Pacific Consulting Group

Ian Gertler is an experienced marketing, communications, editorial and digital strategy executive that has focused on connecting the dots between people, processes and technology throughout his career — ranging from industry leading organizations like Cisco, IBM,, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and Special Olympics to start-ups that have redefined the norms, including many years as the founder and CMO of Symplegades. Along the way, he has forged relationships with world-class partners and pushed the limits with emerging technologies teams to create rewarding and valuable experiences that make a true impact on people’s lives. Ian attended the State University of New York and currently serves in a variety of Board & advisory capacities — including the Internet of Things Community organization. Referred to as a ‘strategic SWAT team’ by a Fortune 500 CEO, he has garnered many accolades including the Forbes Top 50 CMOs by Social Influence and Top 100 Digital Transformation Influencers lists.

Chris O’Connor is the General Manager, Internet of Things for IBM. Chris’s current responsibilities are focused on growth of this area for clients and IBM. Prior to this role, Chris was responsible for the product strategy and engineering of the IBM Tivoli Software Division in IBM and similarly for the Industry Solutions Software division around Smart Commerce and Smart Cities.  His roles have involved successive responsibilities around arranging patterns of software for industry as well as IT data center value. Chris is an active member of the IBM Growth and Transformation Team and has served on the IBM Technology Team. This role reports directly to IBM’s CEO and senior leaders. He has been active in the IT Industry for the past 25 years both within IBM and at other industry software providers.

Tom Snyder is Executive Director of RIoT, supporting Internet of Things and disruptive technology industry growth. By day he runs RIoT Labs at HQ Raleigh. In his spare time, Tom co-instructs Product Innovation Lab, a Forbes award winning multi-disciplinary course in Innovation and Entrepreneurship at NC State. Prior to joining RIoT, Tom held an executive leadership role at the ASSIST Center, a National Science Foundation sponsored effort to create wearable electronics for healthcare monitoring. Previously, he spent two decades in product development and technology incubation in NC. He’s passionate about creating and fostering collaborations across disciplines, markets and cultures. He enjoys the outdoors, woodworking, boardgames, big crowds, craft beer and ideas that are just crazy enough to work.

Brian Doyle has been achieving real business results by improving customers’ experiences for over 15 years. As a 6 Sigma Master Black Belt at GE Capital, he led the completion of 30 projects resulting in $7MM of annual expense savings. In his role as VP of Marketing at Genworth Financial, Brian oversaw projects that produced $250MM in new business and a 17% increase in Net Promoter Score. More recently as a customer experience consultant, Brian has devised solutions for clients resulting in $2B of new business. Brian’s leadership experience began as a US Air Force pilot where he commanded 31 combat missions protecting refugees in Kosovo. He also transported the Presidential motorcade around the world.  Brian has a Bachelor’s degree in Astrophysics from the United States Air Force Academy and a Master’s in Systems Engineering from St. Mary’s University.

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